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The Lebanese Community Council of NSW (LCC) is an umbrella Organisation, established in 1983.

The Council Members are drawn from established Lebanese Organisations, and Associations.

Currently the Council  is  the most widely represented organisation among the Lebanese Community.


A voluntary Management Committee  of Members who are the Delegates of other Organisations and are elected at the Annual General Meeting by the general Assembly directs the Council. 

The Establishment and achievements of the council are the products of committed Members to the welfare and the successful settlement of the Lebanese community in Australia.


The Main Aims of the Council are:


Ø  The essentiality of collaboration amongst the Lebanese community, which they represent at various levels.

Ø  The identification of the Lebanese community needs and the development of means and strategies to address these needs and to provide assistance to those who have difficulties in accessing adequate resources.

Ø  To unify, improve & strengthen Australian Lebanese community relations.

Ø  To assist the Lebanese community to utilise its resources more effectively, on a collective basis.

Ø  To play an active role in advocacy & advice to Government agencies.

Ø  To promote a positive public image of the Australian-Lebanese.

Ø  To ensure contribution of Australian-Lebanese to wider community is recognised.

Ø  To advance inter-community relations, Equity & Justice.

Ø  The Council acts as a consultative & co-ordinating Agency to all its Members Organisations and others.

Ø  Advocates on behalf of the Lebanese community and Lobby for appropriate, ethical and equitable policies to ensure their constructive participation in Australia.

Ø  Provides the use of its available resources to all other Organisations.

Ø  Consistently promotes the spirit of Multiculturalism and effectively participates in the development of the pluralistic cultural Australian society, representing the Lebanese community


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